What is a download gate?

A download gate is a landing page for our music (or other type of content), where we trade a free download in exchange of social support (follow the author and collaborators on SoundCloud or MixCloud, like songs and etc.).


What is a smart link?

A smart link is a landing page for our music, where we list all of the links to online music stores and streaming services, that a certain song or album is available in.


Why and when do you need access to my account?

We need this only for our download gates. Each time you want to download something from our catalog we are going to ask you to give permissions to our web APP to connect to your SoundCloud/Spotify/YouTube or MixCloud profile. For each download gate there are certain actions you need to do in order to unlock the free download (like songs, like videos, follow profiles, subscribe to channels and etc.). We call those "gate rules". Once you click the download button and authorize the connection our APP is going to automatically fulfill the gate rules for you (you are going to follow the listed artists, profiles, like the listed songs and etc.). Your download will be unlocked after that.


Do you extract and store any personal information?

On download gates
To get a basic idea of who you are we do store your current display name in our database (we extract that from the authorized profile). Please note, that this is NOT your unique user name or channel ID (if you have connected with YouTube). We do not store any sensitive personal information like your unique user name, email, profile/channel ID, gender, street address, real name and etc. Display names are not unique and can be (in most cases) changed often, so we decided, that this is the only information we would need to keep track of who is downloading our music. We do keep track of where our downloads are comming from, but we never extract and store any location information from your authorized account (like your street adress). However, we do analyze your IP address and try to guess from wich country and city you are downloading. For example, if you want to download via Mixcloud and give our APP access to your mixcloud account where you entered "Denver - Colorado" as your location, but you are right now in New York, our system will store "New York" as the origin of the download.
On smartlinks
To get a basic idea of who you are and where the clicks are coming from, we do analyze your IP address and try to guess your current location (country and city).


What if I already follow the author and collaborators on a given platform.

Each time you want to download something you will see a list of all the artists you need to follow, channels you need to subscribe to, songs and videos you need to like. If you have already fulfill some of thease "gate rules", then our APP will skip them when you authorize the connection and you will still get the free download at the end.




For any questions, please contact the administrator via email - grille@toxic-family.de